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Why It Is Important to Be Clean When Having Sex with an Escort

Escorts do a marvelous job in making a person’s sexual fantasies a reality. Having sex with an escort is super fun because he/she is a professional and you can be assured of getting mind-blowing orgasms. Moreover, having sex with a great London escort frees you from any form of commitment that would have been experienced by doing it with a partner. But, just because you are paying an escort for sex. That doesn’t mean that you show up looking dirty and poorly groomed. Below are the reasons why it is important to keep yourself clean when having sex with an escort.

  1. You Create a Good Impression
    An escort is a business person, the services you will get depends on how she perceives you. Appearing for the meeting looking clean and well-groomed creates a good impression. Thus, the escort will bring her A-game to the bed. You can be assured of a sexual experience like no other. If you appear looking dirty, the escort may think lowly of you, and it will be hard for her to give you quality services.
  2. The Escort Can Make You a Favorite Client
    Sex is a delicate act. And, being clean while doing it makes it comfy and convenient. Let’s take the instance where you are asking for a blowjob. The escort may hesitate if you aren’t clean. But, if you are, she will give it to you all night long. To make matters even better, she will love the fact that you are hygienic and may make you one of her favorite clients. Being an escort’s favorite client has a lot of advantages. You get to have access to her body at any time you deem fit. Moreover, she will offer you the best services.
  3. Cleanliness Guarantees Health Safety for Both You and The Escort
    Having sex with an escort entails a lot of kissing, touching, oral sex and much more. Therefore, you need always to clean yourself before so that you keep you and the escort’s health safe. If you are dirty and smelly, then you can spread germs and bacteria to the escort and this won’t be any good for business.

There are lots of reasons why you should keep yourself clean when having sex with an escort. However, the above are the three important reasons. Personal hygiene is very essential. If you want to get the most out of your sexual encounter with an escort, ensure that you are clean.